FRCM Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix

In FRCM reinforcement systems the inorganic matrix, based on cement or lime, is reinforced with mesh made of the following types of materials: carbon, AR glass and basalt. It is used to increase load bearing capacity, strength and ductility of structural elements that are subject to static and dynamic loading. In these systems the FRP mesh is able to absorb the tensile stress, while the structural mortar helps to absorb the compression stress. The transfer of stresses between the support and the reinforcing mesh is also guaranteed by the presence of the anchors, which ensure the structural collaboration between the wall element and the reinforced plaster.

Advantages include:

  • Enhanced seismic performance
  • Improved ductility
  • Effective stress redistribution
  • Long-term durability

FRCM reinforcement systems are an effective solution for improving the seismic performance of structures. They not only strengthen existing buildings but also provide robustness in new construction projects, making them indispensable in seismic-prone regions.