We are a leading European manufacturer of non-corrosive reinforcements for the construction and composite industries.



We are real underdog company born in a garage 30+ years ago


Despite having over 30 years of market presence, our company was initially confined to producing standard products in the technical textiles sector. As a true underdog company born in a garage, we faced numerous challenges along the way. However, our collaboration with the German group Groz-Beckert and their startup Solidian provided us with opportunities that once seemed unattainable for a small manufacturer of glass reinforcements.

This partnership has offered significant investment opportunities, which is evident in our ongoing investments in the Karlovac region. More importantly, the "new Kelteks" has completely transformed its business strategy and vision. Financial independence has enabled us to focus on new markets, development, and cutting-edge technologies.

This strategic shift has yielded impressive results, with over 40% of our total revenue now generated from products developed by our engineers and produced on machines and technologies created in our own development center.

“Starting in a garage, we've become an international company with extensive experience in construction and composites”

We are part of the Groz-Beckert Group


We are a part of the Groz-Beckert Group as one of the three business units (Engineered Textiles). Groz-Beckert Group is market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of process-critical textile precision tools, industrial cutting solutions and solution provider for textile construction and reinforcement solutions made of high-performance technical fibers for composite materials. Founded in 1852, Groz-Beckert remains in family hands, and offers its customers a comprehensive partnership – without boundaries and on site in over 150 countries.

Our growth is accompanied by the employment of engineers and other specialists in all departments of the company. We are proud of our research and development department that creates solutions for the construction and composite industries. As one of the few companies that have everything under one roof, we are flexible in creating solutions for our customers, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Today, we cover the entire world with our high-quality products, and almost 90% of our assortment is exported, which is a direct result of continuous expansion and the opening of new markets around the world.


These are some very important numbers

355 people
-89 new borns
114 dog
191 cats
-165 robot

As we grow, you grow with us


From 2014 to today, we have invested 17 million euros, and in the next two years alone (not counting the "Slapno" investment), we will invest an additional 25 million euros (which is a total of almost 45 million euros of investment by the end of 2024).

This will result in as many as 15,000 square meters of new production and development facilities, in addition to the additional 50,000 square meters mentioned above through the "Slapno" investment.

Twenty new production lines with sixty new machines will lead to new employment, and we will increase the number of our employees from the existing 350 to a total of 500 new employees.

“Every investment we make is a step towards a greener planet and more prosperous community.”

More than just words – we actively support our local community

As a company that prioritizes more than just profit, we feel a deep responsibility towards our local community. We understand that every decision we make equally impacts both the environment and society.

By collaborating with local schools, artists, associations, and humanitarian organizations, we spread positivity and extend our support wherever possible.

Recognizing the positive impact of sports on youth, we proudly sponsor the local volleyball club Kelteks. Their dedication and success in the Superliga Superliga make us proud.We live our values every day because we care about the world we leave for future generations.



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