Tunnels concrete lasting protection in the highly stressed enviroment


Non-metallic reinforcements offer diverse applications in tunnel construction to strengthen structures, extend their lifespan, and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Segments (Prefabricated elements for tunnel construction): Non-metallic reinforcements can strengthen tunnel segments, enhancing their durability and structural integrity.
  • Tunnel Linings (Concrete shell at the edge of the rock): Non-metallic reinforcements are crucial in reinforcing the concrete linings that stabilize tunnel walls against geological pressures.
  • Fire Doors: Due to the pressure exerted by fast driving trains in tunnels, steel fire doors may deform over time. Fire doors made from carbon concrete or concrete with non-metallic reinforcement offer a durable alternative, maintaining their integrity under stress and ensuring safety.



By integrating non-metallic reinforcement in tunnel construction, engineers and construction firms can create robust, durable, and cost-effective infrastructures that meet the demanding requirements of modern transportation networks.