A gymnasium made of carbon concrete in Dresden. What advantages does the building material bring? The wall structure is significantly thinner - this creates more usable space in the building or, conversely, a smaller building area and therefore less sealed area. In addition, the material savings of increasingly scarce resources such as cement, sand or water.
But carbon concrete can do even more: It also saves climate-damaging CO2 emissions and the buildings have a significantly longer service life, so they are more durable than reinforced concrete buildings. In the future, other binding agents will probably also be possible, i.e. other cements, because carbon reinforcement does not corrode. This is not so easy to do with steel.

In the gymnasium, Betonwerk Oschatz GmbH used flat reinforcement grids solidian GRID Q95-CCE-38 for the double wall elements and Hentschke Bau GmbH used the shaped version solidian GRID Form Q95-CCE-38 for the roof trusses.

Planning in Germany is now regulated by a building code with a guideline, so that approved reinforcement products can be easily dimensioned and constructed. We are happy to advise you on this and are your leading partner for non-metallic reinforcement.

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