At this year's WOHNUNGSBAU-TAG 2024 on April 11th, Dr. Robert Habeck explains the importance of environmentally friendly and climate-neutral construction, especially with regard to carbon concrete: "When it comes to climate protection, building and living, we no longer talk about how we heat, but rather how we build! The CO2 question is shifting to the Building materials themselves and promoting them - i.e. promoting concrete, carbon concrete or serial construction is a second reason for state support.”

Government funding for carbon concrete construction would be helpful so that it can be used even more in practice. The legal basis has been created since the beginning of the year with the DAfStb guideline “Concrete components with non-metallic reinforcement”. This means that there is now a recognized technical rule for the new construction method, according to which planning and construction can be carried out using approved reinforcement products. Germany is a pioneer in Europe. Nevertheless, there are still some obstacles among #architects and #engineers, not least because the initial construction costs are initially higher compared to conventional reinforced concrete. However, as soon as you change your perspective and look at the costs of the entire life cycle of the building, carbon concrete always pays off. For example, because no sealing is necessary for bridges or balconies and because maintenance costs can be extremely reduced due to the corrosion-free reinforcement. Of course, also because the carbon concrete structures have a much longer service life and are more durable due to the corrosion-free reinforcement.

In addition, with carbon concrete you save up to 50% in material (i.e. increasingly scarce resources such as cement, sand, water) and up to 30% in CO2 emissions. Let's tackle this together

build solid.