Horizontal and vertical elements are securely mounted in front of the windows, enclosing the entire building. The interplay between space and light was a crucial aspect of the façade design.

This project wouldn’t have been feasible with traditional reinforced concrete due to its high weight. Instead, carbon reinforcement from solidian GRID carbon was utilized. A total of 700 filigree yet robust elements were prefabricated at the Sulser AG facility. We supported the entire development process, ensuring the successful implementation of solidian GRID carbon throughout the project.

Our carbon fiber mesh, solidian GRID carbon, offers several times higher tensile strength than traditional steel reinforcement mats. It is non-corrosive and extremely lightweight, leading to significant cost savings in construction, maintenance, and repair. By using our carbon fiber mesh for structural reinforcement, projects can reduce material consumption by up to 50% less water, sand, and cement. This reduction also translates to lower transport costs and CO2 emissions, making it a truly sustainable solution.

Additionally, with solidian GRID carbon bio, we provide an eco-friendly option that further enhances sustainability in construction.

Key facts

Application Walls & Facades
Product solidian GRID Q142/142-CCE-38, solidian GRID Q95/95-CCE-38
Year  2020
Location Switzerland
Components from solidian Projecting curtain façade elements