The Carolabridge, a crucial artery in Dresden's city traffic network, had suffered significant wear and tear due to environmental influences and weathering, necessitating an extensive restoration. This project also included plans to widen the bridge to accommodate increased traffic flow.

For the first time, carbon concrete was utilized in the restoration of a major bridge. The construction team employed solidian REMAT reinforcement mesh, which consists of individual carbon concrete bars linked into a grid by injection-molded connection points. This innovative material offers exceptional resistance to chemicals, salt water, and other environmental attacks, making it ideal for bridge construction. It excels under high loads and in conditions where components are continuously exposed to aggressive elements like de-icing salts.

In addition to its resilience, solidian REMAT is lightweight and high-strength, predominantly used as reinforcing support in concrete slabs. The restoration of the Carolabridge using solidian REMAT not only revitalized this key infrastructure but also set a precedent for future projects, demonstrating the viability and advantages of carbon concrete in major construction undertakings.

Photos by Stefan Gröschel, TU Dresden

Key facts

Application Bridges, Restoration & Repair
Products used

solidian Remat

Year 2020
Location Germany
 Project Renewal of ramps, water protection systems and three supporting structures