The pilgrimage cathedral in Neviges, opened in 1968, exemplifies the Brutalist architectural style. However, one drawback of the fair-faced concrete roof was its tendency to leak over time. An innovative solution that retains the character of this impressive structure is the renovation with a carbon mortar layer only 35 mm thick.

By using the high-performance solidian ANTICRACK reinforcement, crack widths can be kept small enough to create a waterproof layer. A special surface modification of the reinforcement ensures an exceptional bond with the applied pneumatic mortar. The solidian ANTICRACK reinforcement itself is non-corrosive and boasts a service life of over 100 years.

Solidian ANTICRACK is designed to offer even better bonding behavior for optimal crack distribution, resulting in smaller cracks and shorter anchorage lengths. This carbon reinforcement combines numerous advantages compared to conventional reinforced concrete construction. The primary benefit of our crack-limiting reinforcement is its non-corrosive material, which, paired with superior bonding behavior, significantly enhances the future of building with concrete.

Key facts

Application Restoration & Repair
Products used

solidian ANTICRACK

Year 2020
Location Germany
Waterproof pneumatic mortar coating for Neviges pilgrimage cathedral