In 2019, the world's first integral wooden bridge featuring textile concrete was constructed. This innovative bridge combines wood and carbon concrete, showcasing the unique strengths of both materials. During the planning stage, the slimness and high load-bearing capacity of the carbon concrete elements were crucial factors. The bridge's delicate shape, with plates only 80 mm thick, was achievable only with carbon concrete.

The bridge decking panels not only serve as a sealing layer but also provide permanent roofing for the wooden structure, significantly extending the bridge's lifecycle. Spanning 38.2 meters in length and 3.2 meters in width, this remarkable bridge received the prestigious Deutscher Brückenbaupreis 2020 award. The use of solidian GRID was key to achieving the bridge's exceptional structural and aesthetic qualities, setting a new benchmark for future bridge construction projects.

Key facts

Application Bridges
Products used

solidian GRID

Year 2019
Location Germany
The world's first integral wooden bridge with textile concrete