In a significant advancement for civil engineering, the first two road bridges made of carbon concrete have been completed in Albstadt Margrethausen and Peffingen. These structures demonstrate the exceptional load-bearing capacity of carbon materials, designed to withstand heavy vehicles and loads.

At the core of this innovation is solidian GRID carbon, an ultra-strong, lightweight, and non-corrosive carbon fiber mesh for concrete reinforcement. With tensile strength several times greater than traditional steel, solidian GRID carbon not only enhances structural integrity but also reduces overall material use by up to 50%. This leads to significant cost savings in construction and maintenance while minimizing transport costs and CO2 emissions.

By integrating solidian GRID carbon, these carbon concrete bridges represent a sustainable leap forward, transforming infrastructure from grey to green and setting a new standard for future engineering projects.

Key facts

Application Bridges
Products used solidian GRID
Year 2016/2017
Location Germany
A carbon bridge that can withstand cars, trucks and heavy loads