Following water damage in a swimming pool, the subsequent restoration concept demanded stringent crack width limitation for the new floor slab. This requirement was effectively met using solidian ANTICRACK in a two-layer design.

To ensure precise spacing and stability of the two reinforcement layers during concreting, U-profiles made of epoxy resin impregnated carbon fiber from solidian FORM were utilized. This material not only allows for extreme creative freedom in concrete construction but also offers significant advantages: it is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting durability, provides higher tensile strength compared to structural steel, and is much lighter, enabling thinner and lighter constructions.

This innovative solution maintained the position of the reinforcement while facilitating easy handling and a smooth installation process. The reinforcement installation and subsequent concreting were completed efficiently and in the shortest possible time, executed by Eberhard BauAG.

Key facts

Application Floors
Product solidian ANTICRACK Q47-CCE-38, solidian FORM
Year  2021
Location Germany
 Project  Sanation of water damage in swimming pool