Three high-rise buildings featuring over 300 apartments are set to transform the skyline with their striking 30 mm thick carbon concrete façade panels. Achieving such thin façades through traditional methods is nearly impossible, but with solidian GRID carbon, this challenge is easily met.

The façade panels, designed to mimic the look of clinker brick slips, define the architectural character of the entire building complex. This unique aesthetic, combined with the lightweight and ultra-strong properties of solidian GRID carbon, allows for both innovative design and structural integrity.

By utilizing solidian GRID carbon, these buildings not only stand out visually but also exemplify the future of sustainable construction, proving that beauty and performance can go hand in hand.

Key facts

Application Walls & Facades
Products used

solidian GRID

Year 2021
Location Switzerland
 Project Wrapping three high-rise buildings with 30 mm thick carbon concrete façade panels.