Material cycle

 The resulting recycled carbon fiber material can be reused in the following applications, for example:

  • As additives for PVC/compound applications
  • As use of short fibers in non-woven textiles (e.g. for vehicle construction)
  • For the production of new recycled yarns with similar properties to new fibers

The demand for recycling currently still massively exceeds recycling capacities. Nevertheless, we have set ourselves the task of finding a sustainable solution. We have succeeded in doing so, so that we can provide you with a partner who can also feed your recycled material into new material cycles and not just dispose of it.


Recycled Concrete

Another approach to sustainable concrete construction is recycled concrete. However, this quickly reaches its limits when reinforced with steel. Currently, there are very strict requirements regarding aggregates that contain chlorides.

However, if corrosion-free reinforcement is used, the aggregates used for recycled concrete do not have to be controlled as strictly, as a high chloride concentration does not pose a problem for the reinforcement. Gypsum particles would not be a problem and it would even be possible to deliberately use demolition material containing chloride for the recycled concrete.