REBAR glass

Highest performance.
Like steel only better.
Non-metallic, load-bearing bar reinforcements made from glass fiber

solidian REBAR glass is a non-corrosive, high-strength, non-metallic reinforcement material used in concrete structures. Made from high-strength glass fibers our rebars offer excellent tensile strength, low weight and resistance to chemical and environmental degradation. They are ideal for use in harsh environments, such as marine and coastal structures, bridges and parking garages, where traditional steel reinforcement are prone to corrosion.

solidian REBAR glass could help engineers to extend the lifespan of concrete structures while reducing maintenance costs and enhancing sustainability due to durability.

Product Features


solidian REBARs are rust-resistant with higher strength than steel and other metals bringing life to filigree, elegant structures lasting for generations.

Our reinforcing bars can be used in any structural or architectural application where required material should be corrosion resistant, lightweight or non-conductive. Steel rebar corrosion is a matter of time, whatever thickness or sizes of concrete protection you are using. Because of that steel reinforced concrete structures needs to be repaired or teared down after a certain time. With our ECR-glass rebar this problem is solved and it has a number of additional special features that enable you to build a more sustainable concrete infrastructure for our and our children’s future.

  • Corrosion-resistant: thinner concrete cover, longer service life, lower concrete repair costs
  • Low weight, low thermal conductivity, low abrasive
  • High tensile strength: lower overall construction costs
  • Non-electrically conductive and non-magnetic
  • Sustainable and resource-saving: fewer construction materials are required and the service life is increased
  • Chemically, chloride- and alkali-resistant
  • Better price/performance ratio than other competing non-metallic rebars

Technical information about solidian REBAR glass

Our high-strength reinforcing bars can be produced in different diameters up to 20 mm. Our non-corrosive reinforcing bar can be made in a diameter you require – 20 mm rebar being the thickest, then 16 mm rebar, 14 mm rebar, 12 mm rebar, 10 mm rebar, 8 mm rebar, 6 mm rebar and 4mm rebar being the thinnest rebar we produce. The standard length is 6 meters. Our standard portfolio are rebars made out of ECR-glass fibers.

  • Available in glass fibers
  • Diameter up to 20 mm
  • Standard length of 6 m
  • Larger diameters (25 mm, 28 mm) on request
  • Customized productions possible on request – please contact us!


reinforcements for the future generations

Lightweight and easy to install
Economically and ecologicaly sustainable
Versatile use in a wide range of aplications
More economical due to reduced consumption od materials
Minimum concrete cover due to corrodible-resistant reinforcement
Name Weight (g/m) Material Diameter (mm) Length (m) Photo TDS
REBAR D4-RRE 32 ECR-glass & epoxy 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D6-RRE 66 ECR-glass & epoxy 6 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D8-RRE 119 ECR-glass & epoxy 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D10-RRE 177 ECR-glass & epoxy 10 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D12-RRE 257 ECR-glass & epoxy 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D14-RRE 362 ECR-glass & epoxy 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D16-RRE 476 ECR-glass & epoxy 6,00 Open gallery
REBAR D20-RRE 725 ECR-glass & epoxy 6,00 Open gallery

Reference project

Product Applications

Non-steel reinforcing bars are predestined for the use in all areas where strong reinforcements are demanded and aggressive environmental impacts like e.g. chlorides are to be faced.

  • Bridge construction
  • High-voltage or electromagnetic systems
  • Concrete slabs like industrial floors, parking decks or driveways
  • Maritime applications
  • Façades and balconies
  • Tunnel and mining constructions



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